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It's here!!! The new GT EADL with AAC Augmentative Speech!

Life is short and extremely valuable. Don't waste time with EADL equipment that is not the very best. With over 20 years of experience in this arena, you can trust Angel ECU to bring you the latest technology along with the features that you need to enhance the quality of your life. We are proud to roll out the all new GT EADL!



• Mounts directly on your wheelchair, or on extendable arm for bed use.

• Switch Activation or Voice Activation - It's your choice.

• Compatible with an impressive array of wireless peripherals.

• High Fidelity Voice Feedback helps to guide the user

• Learning Infrared System allows control of all your devices.

AAC Speech Augmentation

This powerful feature allows the user to browse user defined phrases that will be spoke out load in high definition text to speech. Up to 127 AAC sub menus can be programmed that provide 8 phrases each. 

Angel ECU is proud to offer the highest quality EADL / ECU control systems available today. We specialize in helping individuals, who are afflicted with severe disability, become independent and in charge of their environment. Assistive Technology is our forte. We invite you to compare feature vs. feature, and dollar vs. dollar. We are confident that you will find Angel ECU a leader in the Environmental Control / Electronic Aids for Daily Living industry.

Discover what Angel ECU can do for you.

What can you control with an Angel Environmental Control Unit?
Home Lighting
Audio / Video Systems
Nurse Call
Burglar Alarm Systems
Security Cameras
Window Shades
Door Access
Page Turning Devices
Bed Control
Air Conditioning & Heating
Garage Door Openers

At Angel ECU, we believe that there is nothing more important than becoming independent. 

 Not only do we offer the best ECU / EADL systems available, but we have over 25 years of expertise in the field of home automation, and disabilities. When you tell us your concerns... we listen. Creative solutions are what we are all about. There is not another company in this field that is better able to help you control all aspects of the devices you wish to control in your environment. 

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