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Environmental Control Unit


Interior & Exterior
Home Lighting

Professional Lighting Systems (i.e.:, Lutron, Litetouch, Advantage, Liteolier and others)

Audio & Video Equipment (DVD, CD, TV, VCR,
TUNER, etc.)

Bed Control (a custom
wiring harness is required,
call for more info)

Telephone Communications

Personal Computer (with optional card)

Nurse Call Systems

Air Conditioning
& Heating Systems

Ceiling Fans,
& Portable Fans

Cameras & Video Surveillance Equipment

Page Turning Devices

Door Access & Openers

Garage Door Openers

Shade Control Units, and Window openers

The Angel ECU Story

Every now and then, a product comes along that serves a higher purpose. At Angel ECU, we have not only focused on the needs of people in need, but we have raised the bar for all ECU manufacturers. We are proud to offer the highest quality EADL / ECU system available today. Every effort has been made to build an extremely powerful and flexible solution that allows a person, afflicted with a severe disability, to do more for themselves while remaining simple to use and easy to understand. It is our relentless pursuit of excellence that drives us to produce the very best Environmental Control Unit possible. Discover a higher level of independence...
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Like to live on the wild side?

Then, COOL colors might just be the thing for you! Angel FX systems are now available in three exciting colors! Champagne Gold, Ruby Red, and Bahamas Blue are just what the doctor ordered! C'mon, don't be bashful!

* custom colors are available upon request for an additional charge.

I/OPOD Notes:   What the heck does
I/OPOD stand for anyway?

Well, for those who do not know...
I/OPOD = Input / Output Port Origination Device.

Equipment that is located in remote locations can be controlled by the user via one, or more, "I/OPOD" units. In fact, up to 10(ten) I/OPODs can be connected to the ECU at the same time creating the ultimate control system. The I/OPODs connect to the ECU via a wired connection, or over a 900MHZ Spread Spectrum wireless link as an option. Control equipment wherever it may be located within your home or office with an Angel FX ECU.

Angel ECU’s ingenuity has completely revolutionized my life. After being solely dependent upon others for the past 45 years, I am now able to experience the security and self-esteem of independently controlling my own environment. Angel ECU has done a commendable job.
   -- John Farese

Software revision 4.05, released on November 1st, 2007. Feature Highlights include support for unlimited number of component menus. Do you have 4 different TV's in four different rooms that you wish to control? Control them all, each having it's own component TV menu! This feature is not limited to TV control, but allows multiple component menus for any component device.

Component menu buttons can now be programmed to execute SEQUENCES, as well as Infrared commands providing maximum flexibility!

Sequence numbers are now visible in the screen pop while they are executing.

Arrow pad buttons no longer revert to the "Up Arrow" after executing, but remain highlighted so multiple "presses" of the button are possible without requiring any additional user input.