A-Pod Alert Module

The A-Pod Alert Module is a unique peripheral component of the Angel FX Environmental Control Unit. Operating on our 900 MHZ Spread Spectrum “Angel- NET wireless network”, the module provides a variety of supervised Attendant Call functions. Offering 4 different “Alert Models” allows the user to express the urgency of the need for help. The supervised two way communication between the FX ECU and the A-Pod Alert Module provides positive feedback to the user as to the success of the call attempt. Boasting an urban range of 1200 feet, reliable operation is assured. If a call attempt were to fail, the user is notified that the attempt was unsuccessful and therefore allows the user to seek other contact methods in a timely fashion. An ultra-bright 3 watt LED and a Piezo sounder provide both audible and visual alerting signals for maximum effect. The A-Pod Alert Module is a truly innovative solution available only from Angel ECU..

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