What is an EADL ?

Electronic Aid for Daily Living ( E.A.D.L. ), also known as Environmental Control Unit (ECU) are devices that can be used by individuals with mobility impairments allowing control of one or more electronic devices within ones environment. EADLs are particularly useful for individuals with quadriplegia / tetraplegia. An EADL system can provide a substantial increase in independence to the user. Essentially any device that can be controlled electronically can be controlled via an EADL, including: 

    • lights
    • televisions
    • stereos
    • doors
    • curtains
    • hospital beds
    • heating and air conditioning systems
    • fans
    • telephones
    • computers
    • alarms
    • cctv cameras
    • page turning devices
    • intercom systems

Even devices that are not normally considered to be remotely controllable can often be "switch adapted" , or modified, to allow control via an EADL system. EADLs can be used in a variety of settings; they allow persons with physical limitations to participate in everyday activities at home, the office, classroom, or in health care centers. 

Angel ECU Electronic Aids for Daily Living systems offer a variety of input options, including Voice Recognition, Sip & Puff switch input, and are compatible with many 3rd party switch input devices. These include; tilt switches, eye blink detectors, twitch switches, simple button inputs, movement sensor switches, sound activated switches, etc.

Angel ECU EADLs provide high fidelity voice feedback to the user to aid in system menu navigation.