Meet the model EX Environmental Control Unit.

Designed in a modular fashion, the EX series ECU allows individuals on a strict budget to become independent.

EX Basics

The EX ECU / EADL was designed to empower individuals with dexterity and/or ambulatory difficulties that are on a strict budget. In its most basic form, it provides Infrared control of up to 10 devices, such as TV, VCR, Cable Box, etc. It also provides X-10 power line carrier control, as well as high quality voice feedback to the user for easy menu navigation. The latest version of the EX also supports an interface to the Insteon PowerLink Modem allowing control of Insteon devices. Infrared commands are learned into the EX from your existing remote controls. The system is easily programmed with a keyboard temporarily connected to the system. An EX system can be easily expanded by connecting optional modules that provide additional functionality, such as Bed Control, Telephone Control, Remote Display, and remote wireless control. 

RDS-1 Remote Display

This optional remote display is available in the standard, or wireless version. There is a switch input jack located on the bottom of the display, which allows for input from the user. This display is also offered in a wireless version, which can be mounted on a wheelchair and allows easy menu navigation when remotely operating the ECU from another area of the home. It is possible to connect multiple displays to a single EX system allowing a display to be permanently mounted on a wheelchair, and another to be used while the user is in bed simplifying the transition to and from.

Rear Panels

The rear panel labeling of inputs and outputs are laser etched into the anodized aluminum panels for clarity, and longevity.

Download the EX Brochure

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