23 years of experience and development has led to our 4th EADL / ECU system. The model GT offers unmatched flexibility and performance allowing an individual with dexterity and/or ambulatory difficulties to control many elements of their environment. The GT also provides AAC Speech Augmentation to supplement or replace speech for those with impairments. The GT offers a flexible menu system that is customizable to the unique needs of the user. Voice prompt feedback is provided to aid the user while navigating the system. Designed to mount on your wheel chair as a wireless mobile device, the GT can also be transferred for “in bed” use mounted on a swing out arm. This allows the user to view the display effortlessly. The GT can be used as a “Switch Activated” device, or as a “Voice Activated” device as an option. The system learns Infrared commands from your existing remote controls allowing a wide range of devices to be controlled. Control of X-10, Insteon, and other smart devices is possible. Direct integration with the Aprilaire 8800 thermostat allows the user to view the current and set temperatures right on the GT’s display.

Speech Augmentation

The GT provides Speech Augmentation in two different ways. You can create custom menus that offer up to 8 phrases on a display page. Each phrase can be up to 32 characters long. When the user selects a phrase, the associated text is spoken out loud in high definition text to speech.  At this time, a maximum of 127 menus of 8 phrases can be created. 

"Stories" provides another, and unique method of communication. Custom "stories" of up to 1,024 characters can be loaded via USB flash drive into the GT, and can be triggered by the user to play whenever appropriate. We are sure that you have a lot to say...  and have now given you a way to do it! 

Compatibility with I/OPods

The GT ECU is 100% compatible with I/OPods. The GT communicates with I/OPods via 900MHZ Spread Spectrum radio frequency. I/OPods add resources to the system. Each I/OPod offers 8 zones of Infrared Output, 2 RS-232 data ports, 2 Isolated Relay ports, and 2 Voltage Detection Input ports. Controlling your environment has never been easier!

Control your Media System

Control your A/V Media System from the comfort of your wheel chair. No other ECU offers the flexibility, and control power that the GT offers. If you are serious about your control needs...  you need look no further. The GT is not limited to controlling one media system either... up to 10 I/OPods are supported! So multiple media systems can be controlled. 

See the GT in action!