Angel ECU offers unique EADL control systems that empower individuals with disabilities. Individuals that are  no longer able to use their hands can now control many elements of their environment. Powerful features and capabilities provide an exceptional degree of independence to the disabled.   Regain your independence with Angel ECU.

FX ECU - Environmental Control Unit - Our Flagship model... Feature Rich & Powerful.
EX ECU - Environmental Control Unit - Modular in design... for those on a limited budget.
I/OPod - A peripheral device for the FX ECU... adds resources to the system.
VR-2 - Wireless Voice Recognition module with 1,200 ft. range from ECU. Li-Po Battery.
SSV-4 - Automatic Saliva Extraction for those who have lost the ability to swallow.
A-Pod - Wireless Alert Module with 1,200 ft. range, allows the signalling for assistance.
R-pod - Wireless module that provides Dual Isolated Relay Contacts.
Uni-Com - Wireless module that provides a Serial Data Port  (RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485)