Real Testimony

Dean, from Clermont FL, weighs in on the Angel FX ECU.

John F.

"Angel ECU’s ingenuity has completely revolutionized my life. After being solely dependent upon others for the past 45 years, I am now able to experience the security and self- esteem of independently controlling my own environment. Angel ECU has done a commendable job". -- John Farese, Boca Raton, FL.


"The Angel FX ECU has been a great positive in my life. It's very easy to use, and I strongly recommend this unit to anyone who is in need. The communications features are the best, and have allowed me to pursue my business goals. I use my Angel to control all of my Audio and Video equipment, lights and fans in my room, and I can also control the front door lock to let people in the house, as well as control the outside camera to see who is knocking. Thanks again to everyone at Angel ECU." -- AJ - Miami, FL.

Henry F. Meudt

"I am pleased to have a chance to comment on the Angel FX ECU. As someone specializing in Assistive Technology since 1988, I have found the Angel ECU to be an outstanding solution for the most demanding user. Its flexibility and easy to use menus make it a best choice when control is needed for a wide range of devices. The built in speakerphone and telephone features surpass all other products on the market and enable a great deal of independence." -- Henry F. Meudt, President Special Needs Services, Inc Boca Raton, Florida


"My life has changed dramatically since I purchased an Angel FX ECU! I am a C3 quad, and am not able to use my hands, arms, or legs. I have been completely dependant on my mother for every little thing, it has been terrible. Now that I have the Angel, I have regained some privacy, some confidence, and a whole lot of independence. This machine does it all! I feel like I am back in control of my life! And my poor mother is thankful also, what a relief for her! Thank you Angel ECU for building such an awesome system, I am forever grateful". -- P.T., Hollywood, FL.

John Farese

Watch John control his FX ECU with a Sip & Puff switch with lightning fast speed!