Wireless Voice Recognition

The VR-2 Voice Recognition module brings voice command of your environment to the FX Environmental Control Unit. The VR-2 is small in size, which makes it easy to adapt onto your wheel chair. Communicating wirelessly back to the FX ECU, the VR-2 has a range of 1200 feet. The internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use. In addition to voice recognition, connection of a switch input device, such as a Sip & Puff switch, provides remote switch control of the ECU. A noise cancelling “tie clip microphone” can be connected to the module improving voice recognition when there is background noise within the environment. Another unique feature of the VR-2 automatically mutes the TV, or stereo volume, upon a single switch input providing the user with a way to eliminate background noise in the environment allowing more accurate recognition. The VR-2 provides 30 voice command slots plus “Goto Sleep” and “Wake Up” commands. Each voice command can trigger the execution of up to 32 events in the background. Only a single voice command is required to turn a device On/Off thanks to the “Alternate Sequencing” feature in the FX ECU. No trigger words are necessary when using the VR-2, and this provides a more direct, and simple approach to controlling your environment..

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