Automatic Saliva Extraction.


Please watch the video demonstration of the SSV-4 in action. 

Losing the ability to swallow is a traumatic event. This can wreak havoc on a family as it imposes the need for constant supervision and assistance. At Angel ECU we have pioneered a way to automate the extraction of saliva so that an individual who is unable to use their hands can perform this task without any assistance greatly reducing stress on the entire family.  

Saliva Extraction

The SSV-4 is yet another unique solution from Angel ECU that allows an individual with special needs to automatically suction saliva without assistance from others. The SSV-4 features a servo driven extendable arm, with programmable range, and a spring loaded clamp for holding the mouth piece of a vacuum pump. The SSV-4 connects and operates as a peripheral component to the Angel FX Environmental Control Unit (EADL). Working together with the FX ECU, and a Medical Vacuum Pump, the system allows an individual to extract excess saliva by themselves in an automated fashion. Mounted on top of a Ball Head tri-pod, the SSV-4 can be positioned easily, and setup within minutes. The servo driven arm automatically extends on user command bringing the mouth piece of the vacuum pump up to the users lips for saliva extraction. The vacuum pump is automatically turned on for a pre-determined time period, then the arm retracts away from the user. The sequence of events completes with the pump shutting off automatically. Operating on 12 volts DC, power and serial data is fed to the SSV-4 from the FX ECU over a single cable. Upon any power failure the extended range is reduced to a minimum, as a safety feature, to prevent any accidental contact with the user. Programming the range is a simple procedure that allows setup in a short time frame. The SSV-4 is a truly innovative solution available only from Angel ECU.

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